Wan 5 months ago on 6th Kajam

I have tried to think about any simple but fun and mobile-friendly mechanic I could find, and here's the result:

Story: It won't be told explicitly (except maybe through the game name), but I always need a story to get me engaged in my projects. Here, humanity is escaping Earth due to an imminent disaster. Thousands of rockets are launching into space, except you have been forgotten behind :D You had the brilliant idea to just hop on a launching rocket, so now let's just try to stay alive…

Gameplay: It's simply about staying on screen for as long as you can, by jumping between rockets that scroll at different speeds. Maybe you just you can't stick to the rockets correctly and are constantly sliding along them, forcing you to jump to something else before you fall off. Anyway the controls are just:

  1. Hold touch for the right time to jump on a neighbor rocket
  2. Tap to switch sides of the rocket you're on
  3. Use 1 & 2 to stay alive as long as you can

I aim to build this both for PC and Android. And will probably prototype this during a One Hour Game Jam.

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5 months ago

This totally needs a Rally of Rockets reference somehow! This is great! Look forward to trying it out.

5 months ago

@timbeaudet Ooooh great idea, I'm keeping this somewhere in my head :D

5 months ago

This looks like a cool idea I like it.
Any idea what art style you're going to go with?

4 months ago

@Ztuu I'm thinking some variant of the angular-shapes-with-solid-colors I've enjoyed using for some OneHourGameJam entries:

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