Wan 7 months ago on 4th Alakajam

The launch livestream was a troubled one :,-) but at least we still managed to run the polls & givaways! Congrats to opbabou, scrayth, Jlindskov & DaFlufflyPotato for winning the badges. Here is a recap of the poll results:

As expected, a good chunk of the community is made of people who define themselves as programmers. While this was expected - and especially makes sense for the solo category, it's really something we could work to improve in the future, to add more diversity and help teams get made. How? That's a question worth thinking about! Ideas welcome.

While 3D graphics appear as a clear first place, if you regroup Pixel art + Other 2D into a single category it's actually a perfect tie!

Y no love for Despacito????

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7 months ago

Weird. Why are there so many programmers?

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