New team, our first jam 5

Lokior • 6 years ago on 1st Alakajam! 

Hey guys, me and some friends (All ITs from different sphere) will participate for the first time in a jam as a team.

We still don't know what to expect but we're super hyped to be part of this.

We'll be using Unity, Audacity and

Still no super cool and/or cringy team name xD.

Let's do this! We'll have a lot of fun sharing our adventure with you guys and I cannot wait to see your projects as well!

Have fun and good luck this week-end!


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 • 6 years ago • 

Our team name being Z.B.T.E, short for "Ze Best Team Ever", I'm sure you cannot do any worse ;)

 • 6 years ago • 

I'm sure you cannot do any worse ;)

@wan Really? You don't like our super cool team name? xD

  • 6 years ago • 

Well… it's straigth to the point! We stand no chance :P

 • 6 years ago • 

your team name should be Team Celery Goblin.
Good luck to ya.
;-) ;-) ;-)

 • 6 years ago • 

Hi Lokior! your name looks familiar..I think we gave each other feedbacks back in LD38 ;)
Good luck to Alakajam!

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