Call_in 2 years ago on 1st Alakajam! entry The Real Alchemist Job

Hey guys, I'm posting this cause I want to know if you have a font problem with my game :

Normally it use that font (in minimal res so a bit more pixeled) :
If you have some other font said it to me I will try fix it for the next release. ^^
And @Wan, a friend of me has some problems to vote for games, not only mine but every games. He want to rate games of the jam cause he like some of them so it's a problem. I send you all the details on your personal twitter account, I don't know if I did good but say me if that's not ok :)

PS : I'm having a really good time trying all the games, good work all :D

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2 years ago

Indeed there's the wrong font for me (win64) but it's still playable

2 years ago

Okay @Wan, I'll try to fix it for the next release :)

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