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maartene • 1 month ago on Multiplayer Kajam 


After Game Center match making, I now have some interactivity: choose your ship's heading and thrust.

  • It's a lockstep setup with input delay (currently two steps). Only input is synchronized between clients;
  • Simulation updates every 0.1s (and waits if input doesn't come in);
  • The "physics simulation" should be deterministic if Double acts the same on all iPhones/iPads.


  • It's not a game yet: no win/lose condition;
  • When it comes to network: current implementation uses tcp/ip and sends input as JSON to other clients. This should probably be optimized;
  • There is no graceful end of game: only stop the process.

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 • 1 month ago • 

Looks already great! I am really interested in how you take this to the finish line.

  • 1 month ago • 

Thanks for the encouragement! The finish line is still a long way out unfortunately…

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