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Psychic_Ash • 3 years ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry  Atomic Parasite

So, I'll be entering into the game jam and I'm suprer excited. I remember my first solo game jam. I didn't even finish. Last month, I won Cowboy's 100$ game jam. I placed better than I thought I deserved at Ludem Dare. I'm hoping to beat myself this time. Wish me luck.

Here's the programs and resources I'll be utilizing:

Game Maker Studio 2 - game engine (we discuss why I chose GMS elsewhere, but that's what I'm using)

Aseprite - great program for pixel art

Bosca Ceoil or Chrome Music Lab - depends on the time I have left when I'm finished with the game, which one gets my attention. BC is very involed.

Audacity - voice work

BFXR - snd efx work

Coffitivity - so I can work alone but feel like there's chaos around me (artifical noisy crowd app)

Pandora - because music is life

A special shout out to Bawls energy drink. I love you Bawls, you've carried me through so much but thanks to a visit to the cardiologist, I will be retiring Bawls from the team and replacing them with 5 hour energy drink.

That is all :P Good luck to everyone.

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From not finishing to earning money at jams, looks like you made some progress ;)

Good luck have fun!

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