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innomin • 5 years ago on 6th Alakajam! entry  Cardslingers

This was a tough decision, but I've made the call. it's 7am for me right now, and I'd prefer to be a day late with a better game (and some sleep), instead of trying my luck again on an all-nighter. Who'd have thought that doing the polish phase first was the wrong way to do things? Not I, surely!

The game is shaping up really well, but it'd take me an hour to make gifs, so I'll save that for the end. Characters breathe and have conversations, and they bounce around when they walk, south-park style. You can select between two different player characters, with their own unique starting decks. Each opponent has a custom deck of cards selected from 19 total configurations, and you'll be adding their cards to your own deck as you go. Clearly overscoped, but I still think I'm 10-12 hours away from done, so one more day should do it. Might even have time for decent music and sfx at the end there.

I don't want to blame Godot for this, but there are a lot of gotchas for a first-time user that have eaten up hours of my time. FYI for everyone else, call randomize() in a _ready() function or the code is fully deterministic, and set your Camera's drag values to zero so it actually goes where you tell it to go, and use Buttons for drag and drop functionality by registering the button_down and button_up signals, and make sure all auto-imported graphics are re-imported with filter off, and… well, I think I've made my point. Probably should have looked into some of this a few days prior to the jam, so I know it's mostly my fault. I'm actually impressed with how much has worked well, to be honest. It's just a much bigger system than something like puzzlescript.

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Interesting feedback on Godot, I still have to take the leap. Indeed I feel it would be a bit frustrating to learn it during a jam, but hey you made it to other side now so congrats :)

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Good call on focussing on getting a better game. I'm looking forward to playing it. The graphics already look awesome!

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