Chip Challenge

Create the coolest chiptune!


I had an idea to make a game where you start a band and try to get a hit single before the money runs out. I wanted to use PICO-8 and thus the music will be beeps n' bops.

I absolutely overscoped the project and ran out of time, so I threw away everything except the part where you compose your song with the different instrument parts you've found.

The song is represented by 4 channels (rows) and 12 bars (columns). Navigate these cells with the arrow keys and change the instrument part with Z or X. Once you are ready to play your masterpiece, navigate down to "play song" and hit Z or X. There are D(rum) parts, B(ass) parts, L(ead) parts and M(isc) parts, but there's nothing stopping you from creating a song consisting entirely of drum parts.

There's no scoring system or anything, but have fun anyway! I might continue this idea and make it into a proper topdown adventure game where you find/buy/trade instrument parts and/or level up your composition skills in order to be the winner of the Chip Challenge!

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 • 1 year ago • 

Haha, this is awesome. Love the little guy. It's cool that the sequencer isn't made out of tiny units (like most "real" sequencers), but rather larger blocks, which makes it way easier to make something cool quickly.

 • 1 year ago • 


I really would love to play the overscoped project - it sounds like it could be an awful lot of fun; let me know if you finish that B-). Well done for reigning it in and publishing something complete (and actually very cool & polished) too!

There's quite a lot of nice variety in the different settings; it's impressive that you got so much out of the sounds available. I also dig the animation: it's very cute.


 • 1 year ago • 

this just really shows that all trackers and sequencers would be 1000% better if they had a little helper cheering you on. none of this clippy bullshit, just a neat little pal to constantly offer mindlessly positive reinforcement. Also cool tunes wtf when did you become a musicman dollarone

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