You are a ninja who have a pickaxe.

I started to develop this game for the GameOff 2018 jam. Well, using Godot for first time in a month i almost didn't had time for nothing was a really bad idea. But instead i started to develop like a real game.

I have plans to add more levels, more types of terrains, enemys, and a little story (There is a reason to be a ninja with a pickaxe, you know)

This is the silver tape edition, where i basically tried to glue everthing to make a playable version of what i have done until now.

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a month ago

The game didn't work for me, is there maybe files missing from the ZIP? When I launch Pickaxee.exe it says:

Error: Could not load game path '.'.

a month ago

The game didn't work for me, is there maybe files missing from the ZIP? When I launch Pickaxee.exe it says:

Error: Could not load game path '.'.

Just checked it and, well, i sort of forgot of the .pck file. My bad, sorry. Zip file already updated. Thanks Wan ;)

a month ago

Took me surprsingly long to work out the controls haha.
This seems pretty cool, I like that you can dig everything its nice and interactive. Feels like there's not much to do at the moment because there's no real purpose.

Not sure how its generated but the level I was playing had a lot of large gaps and I kept falling to my death. The view range means that you cant really see what is beneath you.

There is a bug where if you move sideways into a wall while you're falling it will slow you down. I used it to dodge death a couple of times.

Overall its a cool start, I'd like to see what you do with it if you develop it.

21 days ago

Unfortuntately the game immediately closes without displaying an error message. I downloaded a zip with two files: the executable and a .pck file.

Sorry that I can't give any feedback at the moment. If you fix this, just notify me in a comment, so I will try and replay this.

19 days ago

I'm on Windows 7 and now have the same issue as Laguna, the window opens for a split second then the game crashes :( Maybe @Ztuu is on a different OS?

19 days ago

I'll just sign off on everything that Ztuu said - the bug that slows you down helps but is also kinda annoying (I'm always slowed down). I think it's fun to dig around and make tunnels, and sometimes break into caves (and fall to your death!) - but it's impossible to predict when a cavern is big or small (maybe add the ability to throw a torch?).

Good start, I think it could be fun to dig down and find random things in the earth! I'm not a massive fan of crafting games but maybe add…crafting? :)

19 days ago

Yay it works at last! Thank you and @Raindrinker for patiently fixing the build.

The game itself took a while for me to pick up, because I didn't understand at first I'd need to hold an arrow key then push Dig for it to work. It would be more intuitive to make digging work even if we're not pressing a directional key. It could be worth trying as well to make the pickaxe reorient itself even if we're not holding the dig key.

Other than that the game worked fine, and while it's early progress what's here seems like a good start. Apart from a few glitches (mostly near the surface, I suspect because of a lack of buffering?) I found that everything worked as advertised. The handling is good, and the 3x3 digging system is designed well enough to ensure we can dig diagonally easily enough to climb up through the walls. I remember Terraria's digging system to be quite annoying for me due to aiming precisely for each block we want to dig ; the keyboard controls here are more relaxing to me.

Art-wise the tileset seems mostly placeholder, but I still see the lighting tests, the main character and the surface tile, and they are promising some pleasant pixel art.

If the levels is randomly generated, they I can say the cavern generation seems quite solid for an early version. I managed to reach the bottom of the world (…albeit at fast speed :,-P) by descending carefully (for the most part), preferring to dig around caves rather than jumping blindlessly. It was a good idea to let us hold the Down arrow to peek under the player's feet, but it was limited in practice by the short range of the light.

Not much more to say, apart that a ninja should have nothing to do with a pickaxe ;) Keep it up!

18 days ago

Wll, I tried this one when compiling it :D

Art: Its serviceable for a prototype, but game sin this genre tend to have very nice hard-to-compete-against pixel art. Youll need to make your style memorable if you cant compete just by quality level.

Gameplay: Controls feel nice. Hitbox-based mining, I dont like, i much prefer to eb able to dog by clicking block that are close to the character with the mouse, like in starbound, terraria or minecraft.
The light system seems kidna put on top and a bit "too" soft? Like, id be okay with a grid based light system that affected gameplay.

Final thouhgts: Feels very raw, though you do have some systems in place that seem powerful. It really needs a gameplay loop that works, rn, before you go on plannign anything else, even if its a very simple one. A list of features it will need to be considered "playable", so to speak. I'm trying to use godot too and this thing looks very cool as a Godot project, best of luck if you keep at it! :)

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A game about a ninja who has a pickaxe


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