The November Tournament is over! Click here to see the results!

The results of the 8th AKJ tournament are in! 0

laaph • 1 year ago 

We have played the games! We have crowned the winners! Go see them here!

Our next Alakajam will come in February! Come join our traditional game jam format with 48 or 72 hours to make a game! We can't see what you make, and keep in mind that if you make a high score feature (and you click the box to give us permission), your game migjht appear in the next tournament! Even games not made in Alakajam are eligible to be in tournaments, so if you make such a game, let us know!

See you all in February (or maybe even in January as theme selection and such will start sooner)!

The 8th Alakajam Tournament has begun! 0

AaronBacon • 1 year ago 

The 8th Alakajam Tournament is now live!

You all now have till December 11th to compete for the highest scores/times on the following games:

Aerial Blast by Bklyn - A Timed, Fast-Paced Platformer where you must destroy the crystals in each level while avoiding or shooting the plants that are firing back.

Pirate Dilemma by pimkeomi - A Resource management game where you must collect as much loot as possible while maintaining enough food to keep the crew alive.

Robocalypse Now by bradur, Juutis, M2tias - A Action-Packed top down Shooter where you must manage building robot allies to help you survive against the oncoming hordes of evil Robots.

Rise of Island Nations by DiningPhilosopher, Anni - A turn-based puzzle game about getting the highest approval of islands by controlling and terraforming the land they sit on.

You can submit your high scores with Image/video proof on each of the game pages, and will earn more points for the higher up you are on each leaderboard. Good Luck, and happy Score Hunting!

The 8th Alakajam Tournament begins in less than 24 hours! 0

AaronBacon • 1 year ago 

The beginning of the 8th Alakjam Tournament is fast approaching!

When the tournament begins, we will announce the 4 games that have been chosen, and you'll be able to start competing for high scores!

In the meantime, feel free to get to know the games from the recent Alakajam events, as any of them could be picked.

The Tournament begins November 20th at 7PM UTC

See you all there!

The November AKJ Tournament! 0

laaph • 1 year ago 

Did we forget? Don't we host events here? Isn't something happening in November?

Why yes! There will be a November AKJ Tournament! Don't you want to play some games!

Those who have made games and want them in the tournament: either tell us in the comments below (I'll be watching), or on Discord, or if you have said "consider my game for the tournament" when submitting an AKJ game, we will pick from the games available to us to have in the tournament. The only real rules are that there must be a way to show a high score, and that people can play for free. Of course be good and polite and not awful rules still all apply.

For those who just want to play: When the tournament begins, we will announce 4-6 games and you can play and compete for high score! There will be scoreboards!

We are running about to make this happen! Come join us!