The 8th Alakajam Tournament has begun! 0

AaronBacon • 1 year ago on 8th AKJ Tournament 

The 8th Alakajam Tournament is now live!

You all now have till December 11th to compete for the highest scores/times on the following games:

Aerial Blast by Bklyn - A Timed, Fast-Paced Platformer where you must destroy the crystals in each level while avoiding or shooting the plants that are firing back.

Pirate Dilemma by pimkeomi - A Resource management game where you must collect as much loot as possible while maintaining enough food to keep the crew alive.

Robocalypse Now by bradur, Juutis, M2tias - A Action-Packed top down Shooter where you must manage building robot allies to help you survive against the oncoming hordes of evil Robots.

Rise of Island Nations by DiningPhilosopher, Anni - A turn-based puzzle game about getting the highest approval of islands by controlling and terraforming the land they sit on.

You can submit your high scores with Image/video proof on each of the game pages, and will earn more points for the higher up you are on each leaderboard. Good Luck, and happy Score Hunting!

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