Final rankings are out 🏆

ran 31 May-2 June 

Discover the results of the 6th Alakajam 0

Wan • 4 years ago 

It's official: the results for the 6th Alakajam! are out! You can find the results here:

Solo winners | Team winners

Kudos, high fives and back slaps to everyone who participated, in whatever way(s) you chose to. We hope you had a blast! If you have things to say about the event, we've got a short survey you should definitely check out.

Upcoming events

The next Alakajam! will take place on the 20-22 September 2019 week-end, book the date! Since September is in a long time, we have a couple events in store before then:

  • On July 12nd, we'll start the 4rd AKJ Tournament, where the community is invited like last time to play & compete on jam games! If you want to submit your own game to the event, follow this link.

  • The whole month of August will be dedicated to a new Kajam. Its host will choose a topic that we'll be invited to study and make a game around!

Have a nice summer everyone, we hope to see you in the upcoming events!

The ranked competition is over! 0

Wan • 5 years ago 

Congratulations everyone for joining the jam :) You just made a game in 48 hours, which is an impressive achievement in itself!

Ratings phase

For the next two weeks, all entrants will be able to give ratings on other games. Take some time to play & rate games, and even better write some feedback about it! Constructive feedback is one of the best ways to learn and improve your game design skills, so please dish it out in buckets.

By rating & commenting (even on Unranked entries), you will gain Karma that will make your game more visible to others. A high Karma gives you more chances to get ratings yourself and reach the minimum of 10 to be classified.

On June 16th, at 7pm the final results will be released and the winners crowned :)

Unranked jam

Submissions are still open for unranked submissions: while those won't be officially ranked, they can expect as many people to play & comment on them. So, if you haven't finished your game in time, it's actually not too late to complete something! Game submissions will completely close Monday at 9pm UTC.

The theme is DUEL 1

Wan • 5 years ago 

The 6th Alakajam has now started, good luck to all! Let's get cracking!

Game submission

The deadline depends on whether you want to enter the ranked or unranked category:

  • Ranked (Solo or Team): Sunday, June 2nd 7:00pm UTC, which means you have 48 hours
  • Unranked: Monday, June 3rd 9:00pm UTC, which means you have a bit more than 72 hours

For both categories, you have one additional hour after the deadline to create your game page, but we advise you do that in advance.

We all enjoyed the awesome opening ceremony created by @Aurel300 and @DanaePlays. If you missed it, you can still find it at Danae's Twitch channel.

Cool things to do during the jam

  • Write blog posts: share your thoughts on the theme, post your progress, images of #gamedevfood or gifs of gameplay (or cute animals!)
  • Follow the Alakajam Twitter account and tweet about #alakajam
  • Check out the streams and videos
  • If you get bored, the clone is still up, although probably dead right now. Let's do a meetup over there halfway through the jam, on Saturday 7pm UTC :)

But most importantly: have fun!

Welcome to the 6th Alakajam! 5

Wan • 5 years ago 

The new Alakajam! is finally approaching and will start on May 31st.

The goal of the event is simple: make a game, from scratch, in just a weekend. You can do this on your own, or in a team, you can be a seasoned pro or a total beginner. If you opt-in to the competition, you will be ranked against every other contestant!

Full schedule

Dates Phase Description
May 17 Theme submission & voting You can submit theme ideas for the jam and vote for all other submissions.
May 24 Theme shortlist Only the best 10 themes are kept. Rank them by order of preference in this final phase of theme voting.
May 31
6pm UTC
Countdown stream DanaePlays and Aurel300 host an official stream on Twitch to launch the event!
May 31
7pm UTC
 THE JAM!!!  Start making a game solo or as a team, and simply submit it before the deadline!
June 2 End of ranked jam The main competition ends here, exactly 48 hours after the start time.
June 3 End of unranked jam If you want to go for a relaxed weekend - or need more time - you can create a game in the 72 hours of the unranked jam.
June 16 Results After two weeks during which all entrants are invited to play, rate and comment on other peoples games… The results are released and the winners crowned!


There are three divisions:

  • Solo, in which you make a whole game alone in 48 hours
  • Team, in which any number of persons can gather to make a game in 48 hours
  • Unranked, a more open division which grants about 72 hours to finish the game. Useful for those not interested in the competitive aspect of the event, want to work on an existing project of theirs, or simply did not finish their game in time.

See the full rules for the Alakajam.

How to enter

All you need to do is:

  1. Create an account on this website
  2. Publish your game before the deadline

A lot of participants also post an "I am in" blog post presenting themselves or their team before the event. Describe what tools and frameworks and engines you will use to create your awesome game! Which themes do you like? Let us and the community know!

If you can, feel free to spread the word about the jam - the more we are, the merrier! glhf ;)

Alakajam! competition rules 0

Wan • 5 years ago 

The Alakajam! competitions let people make a video game from scratch in a week-end, then play and rate each other! All games are made around a theme chosen by the community.


Anyone can enter in any of the following divisions:

  • Solo, in which you make a whole gamalone in 48 hours ;
  • Team, in which any number of persons can gather to make a game in 48 hours ;
  • Unranked, a more open division which grants about 72 hours to finish the game. Useful for those not interested in the competitive aspect of the event, or feel like the rules are too restrictive for them, or simply did not finish their game in time.

The jam always starts on a Friday, 7pm UTC.


After the jam, Solo and Team divisions will be ranked separately through community voting: any person who entered the event will be able to play, rate and comment other people's games for two weeks, until the final results are released. On each game you play, you will get to rate six aspects of game making:

Rating category Description
Overall How much you liked the game in general.
Graphics Your appreciation of all the visual aspects of the game. This can be opted-out if you want to (e.g. text-based game).
Audio Your appreciation of all the sound-related aspects of the game. This can be opted-out if you want to (e.g. silent game).
Gameplay Your appreciation of the gameplay, contents & balancing.
Originality How original you found the game, its art and sound.
Theme How well and how interestingly the game fit to the theme.

Unranked games won't get ratings but can expect as much plays & feedback as the others.

What is allowed?

Solo/Team divisions

  • Tools: All software is allowed without restriction. It is recommended though that your game engine supports targetting either HTML5, Windows or Linux, to make sure most contestants can play it.
  • Code reuse: You are allowed to use/reuse any outside library or personal code made prior to the event, or code bits found from sources like StackOverflow or blogs. You can also prepare your project by initializing the sources in advance. However, you cannot work on a game you started before the event.
  • Graphical asset reuse: You must make all your graphical assets during the event, even if you opt-out of the graphics category. Derivative work of existing assets (ie. you used some existing assets but significantly transformed them) is acceptable, as long as you list the original assets in your game page for the raters to appreciate. You are also allowed to use:
    • Third-party fonts and brushes ;
    • Procedurally generated assets ;
    • Your engine's default appearance for UI elements ;
    • Pre-made game author & engine splash screens.
  • Audio asset reuse: You must make your audio assets during the event, even if you opt-out of the audio category. However:
    • You can reuse existing sounds for SFX. You can also reuse short samples for music (including drums and other sampled instruments), but reusing whole music tracks is not allowed ;
    • You can create assets from sound generation or speech synthesis tools.
  • Post-jam changes: From the minute the jam ends, you are not allowed to add any features, assets or contents to your game. While you're supposed to have properly tested your game, stuff happens, so we do allow to:
    • Package or improve the packaging of your game ;
    • Port your game to other platforms ;
    • Fix bugs ;
    • Fix balance issues or annoyances but only if they're so terrible that people can't properly finish your game.

Those third-party assets exceptions are only allowed as long as you have the license to use them. Please check the licensing terms and in doubt, consult the author.

Unranked division

Since there is no ratings involved, the rules are much more relaxed. While the ranked divisions are only made for video games, card & board games are allowed here. The only rules are:

  • All third-party assets are allowed as long as you have the license to use them.

There are additional rules if you submit an existing project of yours. These are fuzzy rules only aimed at preventing abusive self-promotion:

  • You must spend a significant part of your week-end working on the game ;
  • Use the game description to let people know what you did/did not make during the jam ;
  • Make it easy to play the parts you worked on (eg. don't make testers play the full game to try your final boss!).

In case of doubts…

Obviously, the rules on post-jam changes don't cover every scenario (for instance you may realize the music volume is super low, or in-game instructions are wrong, etc.).

…So in those cases where you want to do something but it's unclear if you can, or not doing it seems unfair, do it, and mention what you did in your game description. After all, this is a completely informal competition, there's no prizes involved, we're just here to make games and have fun!