Hacker's Revenge

Let's hack the internet

Your a Hacker who fight against internet (ads, viruses and spams) to take his revenge

Arrow keys to move (or Z Q S D)
SPACE to start a combo
0 and 1 to complete it
TAB to lock an enemy
ENTER (from numpad) to shoot

let's HACK !

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 • 2 years ago • 

I couldn't really get the combos to work, so i couldn't kill anything. Why in the world would you choose ZQSD as your controls? The graphics are… ok…, but the music gets really annoying. But hey, it's definately different.

 • 2 years ago • 

You guys should try to patch the game so its possible to play it on QWERTZ and QWERTY keyboards and not only on AZERTY keyboards. It is impossible to play your game on other keyboards, as the controlls get really awkward. Maybe if the movement controlls are fixed I could actually try to play the game properly, because I couldn't do much but to die over and over again.
When you walk out of the arena you just disappear and have to restart the game.
The audio track is quite catchy, but get repettetiv over time.
It is a very original game, but I don't really think it fits the Theme.
I will check out your game at the end of the rating phase and if you fix the controlls try to rate your game again.

 • 2 years ago • 
  • 119MB for a jam game? - it is typical to zip up each OS separate, so the user doesn't have to download everything.
  • Control/info was basically a wall of text that was all over the place. that much info needs to be spread out over a tutorial or something to give some time for the information to sink in.
  • not really sure how this fit the theme, but I couldn't get very far in the game to see if there was something I was missing that fit this to the theme.
  • I couldn't get the ZQSD controls to work (layout is really bad for a querty keyboard) - I would suggest using the arrows or giving an option for keyboard layout.
  • 2 years ago • 

Hello guys,

To answer for some comments, we are french and so we are playing ZQSD. It's also possible to play with arrow keys.

For the size of the game, I tried to upload for different platforms but I get an error at the end of the upload.

The big that makes game over when recharging is due to the save system

Thank you for your comments, (it's our first game jam) We will do a patch for fixing these problems

(Hope my english is not so bad)

  • 2 years ago • 

For the theme, I want to refresh some memories : the theme was "SpellCasting" and not "Witchers and Magic". For us the game really fits the theme

 • 2 years ago • 

Umh, unfortunately I didn't manage to cast a spell… I locked the enemy, pressed the number on top of my character's head and then pressed ENTER but nothing happens.
Am I missing something?
Btw good artstyle and I liked the hacker theme behind!

(@josefgazdos) • 2 years ago • 

Found out the game is framerate dependant and you have to either choose to move so fast the Sonic would envy you the speed or you have super slow spell locking, so you are more pacifist than the 60s Hippie.

Too bad it kinda ruined the whole feel. =(

 • 2 years ago • 

Too many comands. Each command is in a diferent key. The game could be more fluid if there is no need to lock a target or start a combo. Just making the combos would work better.

 • 2 years ago • 

You really need to rethink the control scheme, or make it customizable. Most people can't play with QZSD. When using the arrow keys with the right hand, tab, space bar, 1, 0 and enter are way too far apart to control with the left hand.

I also couldn't find out how to cast anything. I pressed tab, it says "locked" above the enemy, I press 0 or 1 as appears above my head, then press enter… nothing. It's not clear to me what you intended with this sequence of key presses anyway. Why not simply press tab to target and space to shoot, or something like that?

The connection with the theme is… tenuous at best.

 • 2 years ago • 

The control scheme made things difficult.
I went back and tried several times but was never able to cast a spell.
Idk if it's because my laptop doesn't have a proper num pad to press enter on if it was something else all together.

 • 2 years ago • 

So, as it has been mentioned before, there seems to be some trouble casting the spells (I also couldn't get to fire a spell, having a locked enemy, pressing space, the number on top of my head and then enter didn't do anything), and would be best if the control scheme was more changeable.
Besides that, I thought the art was really cute, and the hacking magic theme on point, and quite original. Good job, specially for a first game jam! :)

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