Cyber Explorer 6

Explore the Cyberspace and cast spells to transform its inhabitants.

You are a wizard trapped in Cyberspace! There is not much to occupy yourself with. So you decided that you would like to have some trees to look at. As probably all wizards would do, you set off and transform the inhabitants into trees. As you are a wizard you are of course able to fly!

The game does not really have a goal, just fly around a bit, cast spells to transform the animals, and build up a little forest.

The web version does not work that well. Mouse control does not really work, you have to use arrow keys instead. Also the antialiasing does not look as pretty.


W/A/S/D & Arrow Keys & Mouse: control direction you are flying
F/R: control speed of flight
Space: Charge spell, release to cast it

Adjust Parameters

In the desktop version there are several parameters you can adjust. Pass them as arguments, e.g. java -jar ce6.jar -aa 2.

-aa #: set antialias samples (default is 4)
-resolution width height: set resolution (default is 1280x600)
-mouse x y: set mouse sensitivity in x and y direction (default is 1 1)

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This game entered in the Solo competition (37 entries).

Comments (10)

 • 5 years ago • 

I like it, does feel a little odd without any sound effects or even ambiance. It's very original, and you definitely do cast spells. Side thought: if its like space, I guess theres no sound

  • 5 years ago • 

@wasd_the_great The game does have background music and sound effects. It works for me in the browser as well as on desktop. You might have to reload the page in the browser for the background music to start though.

 • 5 years ago • 

Oh, I'm sorry
I'll fix that right away

(@thesunda) • 5 years ago • 

Nice adaptation of the theme. I loved this tron meets matrix meets vapor wave vibe that the map and everything else has.
The music feels also really good with the looks. SFX for shooting sounds a bit off the whole theme.

I downloaded the desktop version after playing a couple minutes in the browser. The controls feels better on desktop.

Awesome work!

 • 5 years ago • 

So, I couldn't figure out how to move forward in the web version.

The graphics were intresting.

The movement issue and the really odd roll instead of pan with the camera was confusing, impacted the 'just explore and experiance' that the game seemed to be focused on.

  • 5 years ago • 

@AdroitConceptions As in the description explained, you can move forward with R. Maybe you first have to click into the game to give it focus.

You can pan with A/D. The roll with the mouse is there as it is used for flight controls and not walking around. For flying I think it is much more fun with the roll controls. Switching controls if you are on the ground would be really weird.

 • 5 years ago • 

This game is so fucking bizzare i can't even begin to comprehend it. Oddly relaxing…

(@pepelka) • 5 years ago • 

My little epileptic brother just died, but that's ok, I never loved him…
No serious: I don't really like "sandbox" games, but this one could be relaxing, and the style is definitely good

 • 5 years ago • 

A strange space full of strange creatures; an exciting playground for a tree loving technowizard!

The visuals sell the experience of an 80s cyberspace. The trippy spell effect seals the deal and adds much needed color.

Audio undersells the experience. The few sound effects are harsh and the slow monotonous music goes off key at times. It is synthy enough, though.

The controls are a touch touchy. In a modern 6 dof scheme rolling and acceleration is assigned to keys while the mouse rotates the camera. This way the amount of inputs is minimized and kept similar to standard first person movement controls.

A neat experience. Without any goals to strive for there should be more to the world to uncover. For a jam project this is too much to ask of course. 3D in java is quite impressive as well.

Overall: Above Average (6.0)
Graphics: Great (8.0)
Audio: Average (5.0)
Gameplay: Bad (3.0)
Originality: Great (8.0)
Theme: Above Average (6.0)

 • 5 years ago • 

Hmm, I never got the hang of Elite-style controls with a mouse. It might help if it automatically rolled back to horizontal. It's easy to lose your bearings especially when flying up. A minimap, navball or simply a wider fov could help there.

I like the graphics style, which fits well with the cyberspace theme. Sounds fit in well with the theme too, but could use a bit more work.

And of course it needs some kind of purpose, like you mentioned :)

Also, kudos for making this in libGDX rather than Unity.

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