How to open space

Sick of classic Workspace?
Hit your coworker, to be the best and break the boredom.
Note : unfortunately, we were unable to put an ending for the game on schedule. So you can just move things around in the room endlessly, try to find the "easter eggs", trigger printers, and even throw objects (or yourself !) out of the room !

We were three,

Two of us in the development, and one in the graphics and 3D elements.

You can listen to the soundtrack here :

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Only one coworker may stand, the others might as well fall.


Win Mac Web



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Comments (13)

9 months ago

I can't play it because i'm on a 32-bit system….. Can you find a way to make it 32-bit?

9 months ago

Ok, we are making a 32 bit version :)

Nanukk Luik
(@NanukkLuik) • 9 months ago

I love how weird the Unity Engine's physics get sometimes. Out of all I loved the audio and graphics the most. I wasn't quite sure what the point of the mess was, since the bar went up and nothing really happened (Unless that is supposed to happen since the game was made within 48 hours)
Other than that one other thing still urks me, the rotation of the character is way too staggering. Almost VR rotation in a way. (It could use a slight dampener) but all in all I got a good kick out of it.

Good job, the entire team should be proud!

9 months ago

I love the windows update screen on the monitors… that would definatively make me want to rage out. Unfortunately I can't really play (or see) most of the game since the webgl window is TIIINY (like seriously, is that intentional? @mention me if its changed at some point). This reminds me of those 2000-2004 flash games where you just are enraged and slap your boss or someone, and i love it for that! Very solid entry guys!

9 months ago

@NanukkLuik Thanks You, actually there is no really change with the mess bar, but we haven't enought time to finish. I'm agree with your comment on the camera. Thanks for your review

@Wrexialmt Thanks you too ! We changed the resolution of the webGL ( I was a little tired :p ). Thanks for your review, we actually enjoy to slap our coworker too :D

9 months ago

Cute game, nice graphics and sound. Loved all the computer screens.

I expected something to happen after the "progress bar" was full, but nothing did ;(

The mouse sensitivity was way too high and it was therefore a bit hard to control.

9 months ago

@spartaqui Eyyy much better! That printing machine is AWESOME! Love the fact how the paper particles fly out of it and stay attached to the printer (local space) so when you throw the machine around the paper flies with it, that's really funny to watch.

I have 1 question though, Where is this? :p

9 months ago

Wow, what an amazing looking game. It was fun knocking everything too. I got stuck where it looked like i knocked everyone down but i didn't finish the level. Maybe a bug.

This is my 1st Alakajam. It's nice to see amazing entries like yours. Thanks for sharing!

9 months ago

Great music, only thing the game didn't work for me the screen just stayed black, so I won't rate it I think that would be unfair to you as I didn't get to play the game.

9 months ago

Haha I glitched several time out of the room too, but I reloaded it and everything was fine. I really liked to beat the Trump guy :D

9 months ago

Haha! Allways fun slapping stuff. Nice rackdolls, but the game did not work in my browser. The mac version worked fine tho. A bit glitchy sometimes, but over all a great game!

9 months ago

Backhand! Backhand! Oh, you want some too? Backhand!

Levitating co-workers, copy machines spewing paper, functional ragdolls, loose physics, sickening camera rotation…Hmm, a tasty mix.

Too bad there's no point to it…

One negative with the visuals I can share is the hair material. Way too shiny! Looks more like a malformed helmet than hair.

Additionally it would have been nice to see some other expressions on the humans apart from the blank stare, especially when receiving the might of the Backhand!

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