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We did it !! 6

Spartaqui 1 year ago

It's not perfect but it work !
Thanks everyone ! And now let's test your game !!
Feel free to test our, and comment <3

How to open space 2

Spartaqui 1 year ago

Have you ever dreamed of make a mess at work ?

How to open space 2

Spartaqui 1 year ago

Hi everyone !
let me introduce you our "worker" in the game !

Here a little update :

We’re in ! 0

Spartaqui 1 year ago

Hi, roughly ten of us french students in video games are participating in this alakajam. We’re going to make two teams, we have diverse profiles (artists, programmers, gd) and we’ll be using Unity and other softs, depending on what we decide to create. We'll give more details once the teams are composed. Best of luck to everyone!

Timelapse Design 0

Spartaqui 2 years ago

We've been working all the night, here is a little timelapse of some of our design:

Our first Jam 3

Spartaqui 2 years ago

Hello guys,

We are a french team and this will be our first jam! We are 2 developers (Damien & David) and 2 designers (Léandre & Lara). We’ll use Unity, Adobe’s soft and maybe some more.
Some of us are familiar with the videogame process, some of us will discover it during the jam, but in the end we all are pretty excited to do this!

Good luck everyone and HAVE A GOOD JAM!

Damien, David, Léandre & Lara

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