The Last Alchemist

In a post apocalyptic universe where nothing cannot live anymore, a young woman can use her power to give back life to the nature: she is The Last Alchemist.

In a post apocalyptic universe where nothing cannot live anymore, a young woman can use her power to give back life to the nature: she is The Last Alchemist.
In the old times, ancient alchemists were capable of incredible powers to help people and animals. But a great war destroyed not only human, but the planet itself. In these sad times, only a woman, The Last Alchemist, can save the nature from a certain extinction.

Use your keyboard to interact with the power between her hands to save fauna and flora from. Mother nature needs you!

Many of the animation were made by Leandre and Lara on Photoshop, and After Effects for the main character.
For the game design, David and Damien used Unity.
And sadly, the time was running out and we didn't make any sound design.

This was our very first game jam, and for two of us the first time we worked on a videogame. A lot have been accomplished! Unfortunately, and because of a lack of organisation and a way too ambitions project, we had to make a lot of concessions. The game surely will have been better if we knew how to deal with our own competences and technical options, but we are still very happy to participate.

It was a real exhausting weekend, but in the end we'll look forward to try another jam!
Good luck to all the participants!

Damien, David, Leandre & Lara

So sorry for our english, we french are just so bad to communicate in others languages

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 • 6 years ago • 

An alchemist moving through the barren world, rejuvenating it with magic - that was a very interesting take on the theme!

From a gameplay perspective, I think that the fact that you had to press the quicktime events in the exact order of their appearance, made the game a bit too hard. When you got a spawn of multiple events, they spawned almost simultaneously. This meant that they had almost the exact same size, which made it almost impossible to see the difference between them at a glance.

I would have preferred to be able to remove visible events in any order, and then "punish" the player both for tapping a non-existant icon, or for tapping when no event is visible (to discourage key-spamming). That, or a more distinct marking of the "active" event.

The art was great! It felt very polished, and matched the concept very well. As a result, the game felt very atmospheric! As you mention, some sound and music could have added even more atmosphere to the game, if you had the time to implement it.

This was a nice game for a first jam!

The world is dying!
Using alchemy powers,
I must set it right!

 • 6 years ago • 

Very nice atmosphere. Some ambient sound would have made it more immersive. Very promising first jam :)

 • 6 years ago • 

"dance dance revolutions meets limbo" - Medicus 352, 26/09/2017

I really enjoyed the presentation of the game. The mechanics seemed simple, though were challenging. I didn't realise the order was important, and when two appear on the screen very quickly, it's hard to know which came first. Some nice music, or some music that went with the key presses could have been a good addition. Not too sure about the alchemy link, however. Great effort, hope you all have had some sleep now!

 • 6 years ago • 

Nice game graphics, I liked the ambiance, there is something relaxing in the magic aura that flue out of this alchemist hands ^^

For the gameplay that is not bad but the fact that you have some symbols appearing at 0.2/3s interval make quite hard the game when you have to press keys in the right order :/

Like this game, nice first game jam (that was my first too so i'm not bad with ya :p )

 • 6 years ago • 

I would love to call this a beautiful experience, as the graphics are gorgeous and the theme fits, but there are two big issues that I cannot overlook.

First, there is the obvious lack of audio. This entry especially would benefit greatly from an ambient soundscape or ambient music complimenting the stunning visuals. Alas, such is the nature of the jam deadline, killing features left and right.

The other issue is the interactivity itself. It is nothing but an unfair reaction test. Yes, as others have pointed out, unfair is apt. Once more than 3 icons spawn on the screen at the same time, it becomes nearly impossible to figure out the order of the icons. Spawning them consistently from left to right, or right to left would have solved this issue.

The icons do also take way from the visual splendor as I'm looking at them and not the world. I'm not sure what to do about this apart from changing the whole system; which, lets be honest, might be worth doing taken that quick time events are hardly an original or exciting prospect in this day and age.

Good effort, don't get me wrong.

O 6, G 10, A -, G 3, O 3, T 8

  • 6 years ago • 

@Somnium First of all, thank you! We wanted the concept to be a little bit different than the actual main theme - alchemy is a vague topic, and we wanted to create a magical ambiance. Unfortunately and as you well said, we didn't have a lot of reflexion about the gameplay, and we had so many bugs in the end we couldn’t improve the technical aspects. Your opinion about it is much interesting that our own concept.
@bombjack I totally agree with you, but I'm pretty sure we couldn't have make a very successful sound/music ambience anyway (no sound designer in the team, we would have use some internet-download sounds with questionable quality).
@HonestDan Thank you for your great feedback, and we agree about what you say. In fact, it was a real subject of laugh after the jam: no one could ever win because of the difficulty.
@Call_In Haha, thank you for your kind words. We will not be bad too, I promise ;)
@HuvaaKoodia Actually, some of us wanted to take a try to change the whole gameplay, but I cannot say if we’ll have the time to « finish » this a second time. Maybe one day, but to be honest I like to think this game is an ephemeral project, and that we’ll do better next time - with another concept. Thanks for your constructive comment!

Thank you all very much for your feedback, it means a lot for us.

 • 6 years ago • 

I enjoyed the atomosphere this game evoked. The game play confused me because I wasn't able to figure out what effect completing combinations made. I liked the pacing of interactions, the rapid button pressing contrasted with the steady pace of the traversal of the level nicely. Thank you!

 • 6 years ago • 

Lovely graphics! I included it in my Alakajam #1 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

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