Aesthetic : Rise Of Synth

You're Synth Wave an android model F1-JU who got kidnapped by the Anti Aesthetic gang, they put you in a really dark place with not light except yours and your Fiju bottle projectile who make a sweet blue light and are quite good for giving the Anti Aesthetic gang what they deserve.

The Game play is one of a Twin stick shooter you can play with a controller (recomended) or with the keyboard
The control are for the gamepad :

  • Left stick to move
  • Right stick to shoot
  • Select to restart
  • Start to get back in the main menu
  • A to get a little dash

The control for the keyboard :

  • WASD to move
  • Arrow keys to shoot
  • F to restart
  • Escap to get back in the main menu
  • Q to get a little dash

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This game entered in the Solo competition (45 entries).

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a year ago

ohoh buddy you better add some lazerhawk or something to this I came for the synthwave!

I Actually really liked this, felt high-intensity at the same time. although there seems to be an optimal strategy of assuming you know where enemies are coming from and shoot bullets that they will most likely walk into. It beats trying to conserve ammo and fail to react in time (maybe slightly slower enemies, reduce # of bullets from pickups, and decreased bullet range?)

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago


I REALLY wanted to give this game a try! Sadly, X3DAudio17.dll is missing and it doesn't let me play.

a year ago

Hey @caiqueassis, it maybe cause you're missing a directX runtime, this one should make the game work

a year ago

I liked the effect of the dark room and the shots lighting everything up. It gives a nice style, felt like it could use more variation of enemies, also the ones that are there I think are just a bit too fast. I think this style of fast action really needs some careful balancing to make it fun. Maybe I'm just bad. Appreciated being able to play a game with a controller for a chance though.

a year ago

Hi there,

I am sorry, but the performance on my laptop is really bad. (windows 7, 64bit, Celeron N2840, 2.16GHz) Unfortunately this makes the game completely unplayable, so I am not able to give a reasoned vote.

a year ago

Hey, so I played the game for a while and found it pretty fun! The things that I want to point out are that the enemies moved to fast, maybe they could have a sound cue so that you could at least know where they are coming from. Also, after several deaths, I managed to advance to a point in the level in which enemies would spawn endlessly, causing my pc to lag and my unavoidable death. Finally, maybe the enemies could make less damage, that way their speed would be balanced out.

I also ended using the ammo cases for lighting up the space, and It was pretty cool! Not so sure if thats what you intended though.

Nice job!

a year ago

Honestly I came for the synthwave hand was kinda disapointed. That being said, I liked the way you used lights and shadows and had a good time being chased in the dark. Would have liked more ammos to be able to light my way: finding walls by shooting at them is kinda fun!

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You play as Synth Wave and you need to get out of this world without any light


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