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Android version available ! 1

Koroshi • 2 years ago 

I made an android version of the game, it work on my Huawei Mate 10 but i couldn't test it on other phone, let me know if you find bug !

First Game Jam finished ! 0

Koroshi • 2 years ago 

That was quite the ride, but really fun and interesting making a game in such a short time was a first for me, unfortunatly i couldn't make any music and the 3D model are not that great but i'm happy with it for a first Game Jam ! I hope you will like the game feel free to report any bug or anything i could make differently for a future game jam. See you !

Count me in 0

Koroshi • 2 years ago 

First Jam i will be using UE4 and aseprite to make the asset, hope i will make it to the end

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