StarBusters 3

Lead the STARBUSTERS sisters Sweet and Sour through three intensely easy missions of tactical combat against the evil ENEMY FORCES. Includes two unique* endings. Presented in glorious 4 colour CGA Palette 1.

Delivered fresh from 1983 for the first time in the west or post-80s era comes this badly fan-translated masterpiece of turn based tactical gameplay.

Audio goodness provided by @tijn

Some notes:

Attacks from the front are most easily evaded. Side attacks have an even chance of connecting. Rear attacks rarely miss.
The Missile barrage is a 5 missile spread across 5 tiles, always.
The AI is preeeety bad and will sometimes try and drive a ship into a rock, repeatedly. It will give up after a few tries though.

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 • 7 years ago • 

I broke this game: If you have Sweet and Sour next to each other (on the same row) the AI will just sit and watch. Turns out the last level is still a bitch to clear because of Mr Missiles. However, it is possible :D

Anyway, fantastic game. The translations from australian are spot on and the characters are great, especially the admiral (HA HA HA HA HA). Also music and gfx is great. Mr Voxel deserves a medal, and not just for submitting the first game to Alakajam!

The Jamician
(@administrator) • 6 years ago • edited • 

Our review:


  • Those detailed graphics and animations feel really authentic
  • The simple but tactical gameplay works well
  • Awesome dialogue filled with translation errors (we definitely didn't do it justice in the video)


  • I hate that Sauron guy
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