Untitled C# Game

Get to the flag without retracing your steps

Move around the level and push buttons to get to the flag while never crossing your previous path (Snake Style)

Uses a single C# script to render the game in the Windows command prompt.
Also reads levels from the included folder, allowing level creation/editing.

The themes from the list I used are:

  • Final Zip file is 6Kb (Cramped)
  • No Art Assets, only ASCII (Art Attack + Geometron)
  • Game Runs in Windows Command Prompt (Esoteric)
  • The Character leaves a path as they go (Vestige)
  • The Game Window Resizes itself to each level (Window Dressing)

Controls are explained in game but for reference:

WASD/Arrows to Move
R To Restart Level
Q To Quit

End to Skip to next Level

READ_ME.txt contains more information about making/editing levels

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Antti Haavikko
(@anttihaavikko) • 1 month ago • 

So yeah, I already commented quite a bit of stuff on discord but but here are some more points.

The idea itself is pretty fun. Probably not the most original ever and might but still fun. The mechanic is pretty simple though and with the current mechanics, it wears itself pretty thin quite fast. It seems like even you were running out of level ideas as the last few don't even have any challenge at all.

As I mentioned on discrord, there are the fake door/keys which look like some functional ones but don't actually have a pair. This offers some more choices for level design but pretty much only as evil trolls tricking players.

Dunno if it was because I was playing on an unsupported platform but at least for me there were two different gray door/key pairs. Sure they were distinguishable but could have been clearer. I think there were some unused colors still.

Using text editor as a level editor neat as it just works out of the box for everyone but it feels horrible to actually try to make levels with it.

But yeah, I think adding like few new different mechanics would open up the level design quite a lot. One thing that came to mind is a tile that would clear your left tail from the field. Of course it would only be usable once as you'd leave a piece of tail there making it unaccessible (unless there were more than one in the level). Would give some more interesting tools for trickier level designs…

 • 1 month ago • 

Neat! I wish I knew how to increase the font size of my command line, so this was a bit hard to see - I guess that adds another limitation, haha. I'm impressed how many of the suggested limitations your entry follows, kudos for that! I concur with Antti that the last two levels felt a bit out of place, although I liked the idea with drawing a tree - maybe some more levels could extend on that? In any case I had no troubles playing this on Windows 10. The only thing I didn't really like was that the tail end piece next to the the player is a corner piece.

 • 1 month ago • 

Great level design, and a good number of maps for a jam game. Maybe a tiny bit too easy, but that's better than being too hard. Really got into the spirit of the kajam, I award you ten toasties for your use of limitations

  • 1 month ago • 

@anttihaavikko Thanks for playing and all the feedback =)

Yeh you're definitely right I was running out of creative level ideas. With the only mechanics being pretty simple, the main challenges i could make were either "Which order do you hit the buttons in" and "How do you get to the button without blocking your future path". I think I demonstrated it as much as I needed to, any more levels with the same concept and it felt like it would've just got boring and repetitive like you said. Adding a Tail reset button could've definitely added a new layer to things, though I feel like that would only add a couple more levels before again getting stale. I probably would've needed quite a few more mechanics if I wanted to really extend the game. And I agree the Level editor is fun in concept, but probably not the best to use in practice.

@ratrogue Thanks =), I think its Ctrl + Scroll Wheel on Windows, possibly similar on Mac?

The last 2 levels were kindof just me sputtering out a few more ideas to try do more with the "Drawing" that you do with with your tail, since I felt I should have at least 1 level messing with the idea. Noted about the tail piece, just a side effect of the player only placing a wall as they leave a tile, not as they enter it.

@voxel Thanks for Playing, I think I was more concerned with showing off the few mechanics of the game, I felt trying to make it difficult would just lead it to be needlessly frustrating Trial and Error, though thats more a limitation of my level design skills than anything.

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