Move Zig!

Web based race game with some multiplayer aspects.

Customize your ship and finish all five stints as soon as possible.
But beware, you might encounter adversaries and if they are better armed than you have armor, you will take damage (combat only occurs when you are in the same sector). Scan your surroundings to be sure.

The more players, the bigger the chaos.

For more details, see the GitHub link.

Note from author:
I had only about 8 hours to spend on this game, so it's very small. It's definitely buggy and balancing will be terrible. However, I liked the lead up to this Alakajam so much (all those twists and turns) I just had to submit something! And working on this game was a lot of fun. So, any feedback to help improve it further is appreciated.

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 • 7 months ago • 

I did it!

This is a promising concept. I've always been curious about text games and the potential they have in a browser so I was curious to try it! Here with the lack of players there was not much to do but it could become fun, with a Battle Royale/Takeshi Castle vibe of sorts (or should we reference Fall Guys these days?) except transposed to interactive fiction.

I'm not sure how encounters work exactly but with the current balance, I feel like optimizing for speed must be the most effective way to play, as players can pretty much rush a an entire stint in one go.

A comfort feature would be to prevent having to refresh the page a couple times before getting our new action points.

 • 7 months ago • 

Interesting concept, having a persistent multiplayer world like this!

I was considering whether having the scan command be free in terms of action points, might make the spending of points feel more meaningful.

It would allow the player to plan ahead during the recharge time between action points, and also allow the player to make a rational choice when deciding to spend them.

Currently, if you want to make an informed action, it doubles the waiting time from 1 to 2 minutes.

 • 7 months ago • 

A web based clicker game is definitely a bit different. However, like you said, the balancing needs some (ahem) more work. I upgraded all three aspects of my ship by 1 point, then clicked Move Forward! 15 times, waited a while, clicked it a bunch more times, and I'm only 17% into the first stint without anything interesting happening. I have an appointment in a few minutes so I can't try much more at the moment, because action points replenish so slowly. I guess, with more players and more chance of encounters, this could get interesting.

 • 7 months ago • 

I don't really see the point of this. Of course, the elusive adversaries were amiss so any high octane vehicutextual combat was out of the question. Maybe this would have worked better without the multiplayer aspect?

 • 7 months ago • 

Uh, interesting idea, brought back memories of old web-based games (Archmage comes to mind).

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