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So, after a lot of time spent on art in Pyxel Edit, and cribbing a starfield effect from a previous Ludum Dare game, I finally have something that looks kinda pretty:


  • Add in a boss charcter (it'll start out as a pallet-swap of the main turtle, if I have time/energy, I'll animate something custom for it)
  • Main Menu
  • Street Figher-esqe health bar for both you and the boss
  • Instuctions


So I wasn't able to start on this jam until Saturday at 1pm just about, but I now have two animations.
Since I won't have much time tomorrow, I'm going for a very simple concept: You're a Turtle Wizard that is fighting off a barrage of elmentals that were summoned by the alchemist next door. The mechanics will probably be similarish to One Finger Death Punch

The idle animation

The "cast" animation