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joshalex5 • 1 year ago 

Excited to be joining in this jam again - the last time I entered was about a year ago (if my maths is right).

I'm going for a god-game type experience, hopefully its not too ambitious :))

Making everything myself or using free assets if needed, my partner might help me with music if I ask nicely though!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone makes. Good luck all!

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joshalex5 • 2 years ago 

My first Alakajam - joining solo to spend my weekend doing something creative! I've dabbled with some games a bit at home but never really finished anything so this will be good to be forced to finish something against my will.

Game Maker Studio 2 for code/graphics
Audacity + lots of distortion for audio (and whatever else I can cobble together)

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with :)

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