Mining Mayhem

Physics based mining puzzler

Better late than never! This was hard work but I'm really glad I got it in in time for the unranked submission. The objective is to mine all the gems in each level by rearranging the blocks and moving the crane. Sadly some of the physics are still buggy but I decided to just submit it. I'd never done art for a game (that's been released) before, and I'm no artist so there was a bit of a learning curve (and lots of things i'd like to change) but I'm pretty pleased with how this has turned out.

Fair warning, I haven't tested the levels so they might not actually be fun or completable. Good luck!

Art: Pixilart
Code: Game Maker Studio 2
Audio: Beepbox and Chiptone

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 • 2 years ago • 

Cool entry! I liked the puzzle feel of this one, it was quite engaging, and the music and art were charming as well. I do think some of the levels could have been refined a bit more though, maybe I'm stupid but I felt like there were some points where I felt like I had no choice but to just waste a bunch of turns slowly moving gems. Overall though great job!

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