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New crafting system 0

chaos • 3 years ago 

last time i have changed research system, now i trying to change crucible crafting

what's new?

added water and temperature bars. Each recipe
now consumes water and can be done only at exact temeratures
for example zirconium(Zr) now consumes 10L of water and optimal temp for it is 40-60°

New research system preview 2

chaos • 3 years ago 

after some thinking and experimenting, looks like i found the way to make good, balanced research system for my game.

How will it work

  • i will call elements from periodic table "metals" and elements from research game "elements", otherwise whole post will be annoying and hard to understand

Firstly, to do some reaserach you require special metal for each try (it goes on top of couldron)
Then you can add another metal as catalyst (it goes on left side, before step counter), it wil unlock random step even if you don't match anything
Then goes grow-like matching game. You can't use the same element more than 1 time now. Also if you unlock step, you have to follow it, or next researches will not work
After selecting all elements click "research"
When you finish the research it will unlock new recipe for cauldron or some other stuff

short vid about new system
*thanks to @benjamin and @wan for ideas that helped me to make new system. *

another cool thing about periodic table 2

chaos • 3 years ago 

i found a great pic of history of discovering elements. Then i made gif based on this pic.

New content comming 2

chaos • 3 years ago 

i trying to improve my game. I started with adding missing elements to the table, now we have all elements that humanity ever discovered, in a single game

if pic doesn't work

Interesting thing happened 0

chaos • 3 years ago 

for some reason gold in my game has number 100

and i think i finally found way to put images in posts(if not here is a link

Thanks to everyone 1

chaos • 3 years ago 

I just want to thank all guys who have played my game 'Alchemic'. I know that it has a lot of stuff that need to be changed, but i already have some ideas for game. I will add some stuff after the jam ends(i want to do that now, but rules just don't allow me to do that). BTW, i already fix most of bugs and if you played it on the first day of voting, i reccomend to download a new version without bugs.
Thanks all of you guys i really impressed.

I'm at home 0

chaos • 3 years ago 

i have 4 hours to finish the game, i missing a lot of stuff. have to be fast

Mega chem nerd 1

chaos • 3 years ago 

now i'm trying to add acids and compounds, i opened my chemistry book and also found site with all acids list, looks like i'm just a big nerd who likes chemistry )

i still don't know how to upload images, i tried to upload them to imgur, but it just doesn't work

i uploaded some pics here

so far so good 0

chaos • 3 years ago 

i added simple research system and now trying to add it into book

here is what i got

Some progress 0

chaos • 3 years ago 

i still missing a lot of stuff, i'm trying to make research system, also i'm adding element's and stuff

btw i still don't know how to post image, maybe i will make a video about game later

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