You were sent a letter by a serial killer telling you that he is going to kill 12 people. You are given their identities and which ones of them are connected in some way. He put a bomb in each of their homes and hid it so hat even if you succeed at saving them, a huge amount of their neighbourhood will be demaged. You were given a chance to stop him! You are allowed to talk to one person per day and they will give you clues(right click on them). Then you are allowed to protect one of them by sending police into their home. If you got the house which he was going to attack, he will surrender willingly.(right click on the image). A secret person, X found you, and gave you even more clues: The order in which the victims will be assasinated, but they are a bit riddled due to lack of more information. It's easy to see that you win in the end, but at what cost? The player with the smallest number of days taken to catch the killer is the winner! Just screenshot the whole game once you get a YOU WIN message. You can also guess which relations are what: you are given a list of used relations to form the image and if you click on a line, then left click on the menu which appeared, you will color the line respectively. If you got the clue which suggest your guess is wrong, the game won't let you color it. You can unoclor edge by right clicking on the line. Use + , - and arrows on the keyboard to explore the board

Every time you play,the program will generate a new set of riddles and way the people are connected i.e. the relation graph is different

UPDATE: It turns out that the resolution is a bit messed up, I submited another version , according to rules.
UPDATE: please play in the default resolution:1024x768

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 • 11 days ago  • 

Great mystery-game!

 • 10 days ago  • 

Great concept for a mystery game :) It might be easier and visually more ergonomic to see everyone at once !
The drawings are nice and the french newspapers on the background make a nice effect.
Congrats on your game !

 • 10 days ago  • 

I was a bit lost at the start, not knowing that i need to zoom out, thought the game was broken :)
It's a nice concept!

 • 7 days ago  • 

Oh no! The game is a bit broken so I can't play it :( I was really hoping to play this one, I love mysteries and logic puzzles. Let me know if you ever fix it, i would love to give it a go. :)

 • 7 days ago  • 

I thought it was broken too. The zoom level should probably initially be one that let's you finish it. I don't even have a numpad on my keyboard, so I had to start up on-screen keyboard. Mouse-drag and mouse wheel would be great for navigating too or UI buttons. But I understand, this is a jam game and I figured it out finally :)

After writing that, I can't figure how I should choose one to protect. Maybe the button was outside of the window? Interesting idea, I applaud that you managed to come up with a complex puzzle like that in a weekend. Too bad it's a bit too broken.
I like the portrait art a lot! Keep it up!

Mr. Chocolate Salmon
(@mr_chocolatesalmon)  • 7 days ago  • 

I think the UI needs to be made a bit more user-friendly (mouse to scroll and move around, only a single button instead of left/right doing different things, etc); but overall I think you have a nice idea and storyline threaded in here. Good job

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