Cutscene Editor (unfinished)

A tool for creating simple cutscene / animated bits in Turtle Brains.

Note: I'm not really looking for feedback, but I am submitting my progress for the weekend, and the story of what happened:

This is a simple tool that is not quite finished, I didn't have time to start adding keyframes and animation support, though I am very happy with what I have completed as it has a solid base of code underneath to build upon. Initially I was blinded by an expectation that I could wrap up the cutscene editor by Sunday morning and have enough to make a mini-game using the cutscenes. As you can see that never happened.

If you do play with the editor be aware that you can't LOAD a creation, only save, and not even save as. Right-click allows you to add new objects and then you can modify them how you wish. There is a known crash with sprites if you adjust the frame and it exceeds the bounds of the texture. (ie, width+x must be less than width of texture). Change the width and height first if you play with them.

Sorry I was unable to make the minigame I was aiming for, but I had a lot of fun this weekend and progressed my adventure along.

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 • 1 year ago • 

Why is this even here? It's unfinished, it's not following the theme, it's not even a game.

  • 1 year ago • 

There is an entire section of the rules, and this is why it is in the unranked area. Unfinished because I didn't get as far as desired in the weekend.

 • 1 year ago • 

Really nice start, I know coding stuff from scratch is pretty difficult, and its pretty cool you got a fully working draggable and interactable GUI system done in the time you spent on it. Always sucks when you set the scope of a project way too high then have to cut back, I think it just comes from doing enough Jams so you know what you're capable and what you're not capable of when given a limited timespan.

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Cutscene Editor (windows)