SnowFox 5 months ago on 6th Kajam

Welp, November was an interesting month. Participated in Nanowrimo and got away with 23000 words. Less than half the goal, but no matter. Pretty happy I was able to churn that much out in that short time.

December has been the month of relax, especially now with that holiday right around the corner.

It's time to get back into game dev. I imagine my coding skills are a bit rusty after such a long hiatus, but I hope it will come back to me in time for the next Kajam.

I'm looking forward to stretching my coding muscles once more.

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5 months ago

Hey congrats for managing 23000 words, it sounds like a successful NaNoWriMo to me! Coding or not, you flexed your creative muscles throughout November and they're the most important ones ;)

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