SnowFox 7 months ago on 4th Alakajam entry Burger Fall, in the works!

When I submitted my game at 11:59, I was ecstatic!…Until I actually tried to play it on Turns out, I'd forgotten to change the screen size, so everything got squished beyond recognition, and the game was effectively broken and unplayable.

Even though the time had passed, I decided to fix it anyways, messign with the size until I got it right. Took me 6 verisons before I came up with something I could accept. I uploaded the game to and decided to update my Alakajam info.

Luckily for me, there had been a grace period the whole time to finalize the release of my game.

You have no idea how releaved I am that I managed to turn this one in on time despite my last minute errors. :)

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