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Wan 2 years ago on 1st Alakajam!

We entered the final hours before the jam starts! I hope you feel ready for tackling this 48-hour-long challenge :) (72 for Unranked). Since the event has grown slightly bigger than expected, we've got demand for a couple special pages:

  • A wallpaper thread, which has been a cool Ludum Dare tradition. If you feel like making a wallpaper for the week-end, go post it there!
  • A list of livestreams & YouTubers. Let us know if you're livestreaming your work during the week-end, or if you plan to test games on video after the jam! Feel free to spread the word to streamers & channels who might be interested.

Get your workstations ready, make your introduction post, and see you tonight for launch :)

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My wifi died randomly this morning and now it won't let me connect to IRC chat.

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