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Audio Keynote

Listen to the keynote on soundcloud Thanks to xXBloodyOrange for helping me with that!

The theme for this Kajam is “retro”

By definition “retro” means to consciously derive from or imitate previous creatings.
In gaming, everything started with retro games. Games like “Donkey Kong”, “Pong”, “Pac Man”, “Sonic”, “Super Metroid”, “Zelda: A Link to the past”, “Tetris” or “Super Mario Cars” are inherently linked to gaming.
Lately “retro”-games and consoles are having their rennaisance. Companies like Nintendo or Atari create new versions of old consoles, like the “NES Mini”, “SNES Mini” or the “Atari Flashback 8”. Original consoles and games can be found on almost every flea market.

All of those games feature a unique art-style or a piece of music that sticks in our heads forever. However, from the developer’s perspective, retro games are not just about art and style. They have one thing in common, which is a clear, simple mechanic. Because of the limited features of old consoles, the games had to focus on simple mechanics and tricks.

This Kajam is all about Retro games!

Make a game that derives from a previous creation!
Make a game for an old console!
Make a retro game!

For this Kajam you can work solo or as a team. You have the complete month of August 2018 to create and submit your entry. Every Framework or Engine is allowed. You can even use third party assets.

At the end of August you will be able to rate other participants’ games based on one single “retro” score.

So start your engines and join this Kajam!


  • 1. August - 2. September: Develop your games
  • 3. September - 9. September: Rating Phase
  • 9. September: Results

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