Wan on 3rd Alakajam! entry A.G. Hope

Our entry A.G. Hope has been updated! The original jam version has been patched with a couple major bugfixes, but we also took the time to make a post-compo of the game.

This new version is still far from our the original, way too ambitious goals, but brings the game on par with how we pictured it on the Sunday morning after refining the game design:

  • Restored a fourth level (which got lost by mixing > and >=)
  • Ships are powered off by default, requiring an EVA to dock them
  • Fixed enemy spawn issues, making them more dangerous
  • Some level balancing
  • Minor tweaks eg. randomizing the ship rotations

Big thanks in passing to all who already reviewed our game! We're super happy with the game reception so far, and would love to hear thoughts on the new version.

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