DaFluffyPotato a year ago on 2nd Alakajam! entry Lollipop Ninja

I'm really happy with how Lollipop Ninja turned out. It's doing really well right now as it has reached 600 downloads already. I'm thinking about working on a post jam version, so please give me suggestions for what I should add if you check out my game. ^-^


Planned additions for the update:
-more polish and a stare indicator that shows where a stare is coming from(you can still get by fine without it just by going invisible if you don't know where it's coming from)
-timers for speed running as I myself would like to speedrun the game
-more levels(I'd probably add some levels between 4 and 5 and put 7 before 6 plus add a ton more levels after 7).
-movement tweaking to make it feel even better
-possibly fullscreen support

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a year ago

600 downloads? O_O i'm jealous, how do you get so much exposure?

Having done this in 48h i'm sure you can make an amazing precision speedrunning platformer out of this. I'll follow you in itch to play it as soon as it releases :D

a year ago

@Raindrinker I actually get quite a bit of it(still less than a third) from the fact it's made in Pygame. My games are typically pretty popular in the Pygame community, not that I have a following there or anything. It also helps to put your game on multiple sites and advertise it a bit. I posted it on indiedb, gamejolt, here, and itch.io and I made posts about it here, itch.io, 2 different subreddits, tigsource, twitter, and my website.

a year ago

@Raindrinker Also, I'm kind of surprised you don't have a ton of downloads. Maybe it'll spike after the game jam because I'm pretty sure you'll get #1 overall. Your game was definately the best solo entry I've seen so far.

a year ago

Feature idea: let the player decide how far to launch the smoke grenade using how long he held the trigger.

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