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Laguna • 6 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! 

Good morning jammers!

We hope everyone is doing great and has a good time working on their games.

Whether you got some sleep or pulled an all-nighter or started late, we are not 12 hours in.
Everyone would like to see some progress on other peoples games and hereby we announce a call for blog-posts! Just click here to do so.
Where are you taking the theme? Which tools do you use? solo or team? And everyone loves to see images or gifs of gameplay mechanics starting to come to live or beautiful glitches and funny bugs. Pictures of food, pets, memes also get a great share of love as well as sharing your progress on audio or soundeffcts!
As it is saturday you should take advantage of #screenshotsaturday and post your progress also on Twitter #alakajam.

If any question or issue with the site or jam arises, do not hesitate to look for the support thread or as a question there in the comment section!

Happy jamming! :3

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