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From September 22th to 24th, a competition we be held to make you complete a game, from scratch, in just 48 hours! Want to know how things will be run? Keep reading.


  • Sep. 8th - Sep. 22th: Theme selection phase. You will get to suggest ideas for what the theme of the week-end will be. Then you will be able to vote on all the other ideas.
  • Sep. 22th - Sep. 24th: The actual competition! As the theme is announced at 7pm UTC, you have 48 hours to finish your game, either solo or as a team, to be part of the official competition.
  • Sep. 22th - Sep. 25th: The unranked jam! If you needed more time to finish your entry, or just want to have people play your game without the competitive aspect, this is your chance. All entrants have an extra day to complete and submit an out-of-competition entry.
  • Sep. 24th - Oct. 8th: Game testing & voting phase. For two weeks, all entrants will be invited to rate and post comments to other people's games.
  • Oct. 8th: The results are released!


The detailed rules are available under the Help tab:

Alakajam! competition rules

How to enter

If you're interested in joining the 1st Alakajam!, either in the competition or just for having players & feedback, all you need is to create an account here, so you can start voting on themes when the time comes. And of course for submitting your entry during the jam :)

By then, you can also publish a blog post presenting yourself and your plans for the event. Will you join solo? With friends? With what techs? Let us know!

To stay tuned, you can of course follow the event either on Twitter or Reddit.

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(@saneangel)  • 2 years ago  • 

Looking for clearification on:
"Graphical asset reuse: You must make all your graphical assets during the event. Creative use of existing assets ("derivative work") is acceptable, as long as you list the original assets in your entry page"

   • 2 years ago  • 

@saneangel The general answer would be "no". At least you cannot use assets as-is, like just grab a character spritesheet and include it in your game. The "creative use of existing assets" part is left blurry on purpose (following long discussions on the chat…), the goal being to leave some freedom in reusing assets as long as it remains minor and not too noticeable.

Of course this doesn't apply to the Unranked division!

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