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Prototyping almost done, gonna get some sleep 2

webthingee • 3 years ago 

Got the basic controls, gameplay mechanics, and some ideas started coming together. Will pickup where I left off in the morning light with some coffee and fresh eyes! Having a blast creating and reading the posts. Thanks All!!

I have no idea what I am doing 6

webthingee • 3 years ago 

I have been working with Unity for the past 5 months and I am totally hooked.
I just completed a game that is in the Google Play Store, and pending approval for iTunes.

As I've been researching by scowering YouTube and other resource, I came across the LD. This lead to me spending way too much time watching hours of live streaming for the jam. I was captivated and inspired.. so… I think I wanna try it.

I'm a dev, not a designer… so I will be greatly challenged by visual aspect; however, I'm excited to take on the challenge.
I only have about 48 hours to invest, and I don't know anyone in the field/business/jam community… so I'll go solo and see what I can do this weekend.

Looking forward to getting into my first JAM and seeing what coolness everyone creates!

If interested, here's a little more about me:

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