Is there Contact page with emails or other ways of contact? 3

Zeriver • 3 years ago on 1st Alakajam! entry  Alchemical trial

Hey, i was wondering how to contact website admins but i can't find any ways to do that expect twitter. Is there going to be contact subpage on with mails?

I think something like that could be useful especially in future when this game jam grows even bigger and may people might want to contact admin because they have some suggestions, ran into some bugs etc.
Even now if i want to make few suggestions, twitter due to characters limitation might be not the best place to do that.

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 • 3 years ago • 

What about the support section? I think you can contact them there.

Maybe I'm wrong, tho. ;-)

 • 3 years ago • 

You can find 3 way of contacting admin under the Docs tab ;)

 • 3 years ago • 

Like other said both the Support thread and the Docs tab hold various means to contact us. If you didn't find them, that means we probably need to make them more obvious!

Here's our email: contact [[at]] alakajam [[dot]] com. Your suggestions for the site are very welcome!

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