Final hours for the ranked jam, submission hour 0

Wan 2 years ago on 1st Alakajam!

As the deadline approaches fast (too fast…?), here's some details about submitting your games:

  • As you already know, you have until 7pm UTC to finish coding & playtesting your entries. After that point, stop adding features to your game!
  • After 7pm, you will still be able to submit your entry thanks to the submission hour! Until 8pm UTC, you will be able to package, upload and submit your entry. Still, make sure to submit as early as possible, even if the game is not uploaded yet, because after 8pm, the Solo & Team divisions will be locked. Also, I can't promise we won't have traffic issues ;)

To create your entry, browse to the "Games" section of the event, and look for the "Create entry" button.

Game voting will open right after the submission hour. Meanwhile, Unranked jammers can keep jamming until tomorrow evening, where they'll still be able to submit entries.

Good luck with the crunch time!

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