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Welcome to the 8th Kajam! It's all about:


Music is a big part of most games, but often it's only a thing that plays in the background. Although important to set the mood and communicate what's going on, for this kajam I'd like to put music more in the spotlight.

It would be great to see some creations in which music is the central subject. It can be anything as long it has some link to music, such as:

  • A rhythm game!
  • A dancing game!
  • Maybe the protagonist is a musician!
  • Or a composer!
  • Or a sound engineer!

It doesn't even have to be a game in the traditional sense. Toys, experiences & experiments are very much encouraged. Anything goes, as long as it's all about the 🎵MUSIC 🎵

How does this work?

This Kajam follows the normal Kajam rules, which can be found here: https://alakajam.com/article/kajam-rules

The event starts 1 January and runs for the whole month. You're encouraged to submit your entry by Friday 24 January, so there will be a full week at the end of January for rating submissions. The event will end on Friday 31 January.

This is a relaxed game jam, so anything goes really. Just try to come up with a cool concept and use the time to make the best of it.

I don't have anything to make music with!

Luckily there are more tools than ever to help you make music / sounds nowadays. And a lot of them are even free! Back in 2017 I hosted a miniLD for which we compiled a whole lot of them. I've copied that list here, so you can try these suggestions to see if something clicks with you.

If you have a suggestion of your own, please let me know in the comments and I'll make sure it gets added :)

That's all for now. Have fun & good luck!

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Very cool idea!

I was actually looking for a way to spend some more time making music. More so than creating (another) game at this time.

So, this is what I offer: if you need music for your game for this Kajam, let me know! I'd be happy to help you.



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