CoHanoi puzzle action (9.5 hours in) 2

HuvaaKoodia • 1 year ago on 7th Alakajam! entry  Cohanoi Oppuzzle

Two AIs working together moving the towers around. Manual input is also implemented.

Despite a bit of refactoring, there are still a few small AI bugs. Those need to be ironed out before I can experiment some more tomorrow.

(Doublehanoi? hAInoidual? Hacoopanoid? I'm taking it too far…)

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(@Cloie) • 1 year ago • 

How about just "Towers of Hanoi"? keep it simple, this is a really cool concept though I'd thought out the tower of hanoi puzzle when the theme annoucement was made but I went with a different idea instead, nice to see someone else thought of it though!

  • 1 year ago • 


Your words of calming moderation came too late. The bizarre mind settled on a mishmash.

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