War of the Lighthouses

I took a different approach to the theme, instead of the game being focused on one tower, the game is focused on multiple lighthouses, which I guess can be considered to be towers.

Use WASD to move.

You have AI teammates, but by pressing E or Q you can control them one at a time.

Press left shift or space to fire your cannons and destroy enemy ships.

Go near a lighthouse to conquer it.

Have fun!

Also sorry about the horrendous music :D

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This game entered in the Solo competition (27 entries).


Lead your team to victory by conquering all of the lighthouses!





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2 months ago

not exactly seeing the towers (other then the light houses could be towers)
graphics look great.
hard to figure out the gameplay
mini-map covered up to much of the screen
wasn't really clear what you were effecting/etc.

2 months ago

I also think some gameplay things may have been unclear, the point of the game is to use your ship to conquer lighthouses, by staying near one. You can also kill enemy ships. By doing these things, you will win the game as the enemy can't respawn anymore and your team will get all the lighthouses

2 months ago

Great graphics.
Cool gameplay.
I think it needs a visual feedback when you shoot or you be shot.
Minimap could be smaller and simplified so you could see the battelfield better.

(@Cloie) • 2 months ago

So I don't know if I understood it wrong or if the respawn system just wasn't working? I got to level 2 okay but when there was one lighthouse left and the enemy had 0 respawns they kept respawning anyway? Eventually though the enemy all started trying to boat themselves off the map instead of attacking…

I thought the idea was good, and there's definitely a lot of room for improvement, it controlled well but I'd have liked more feedback from the canons and an animation or something attached to the light houses or a conquest bar instead of a floating HP number I feel would've conveyed the the conquer element alot better.

Could be a lot of fun with some more work, but I'm voting lower on the theme as this felt a lot less about the towering height of lighthouses and far more about territorial naval conquest.

2 months ago


Thanks for the feedback, I wasn't aware of that respawn bug (might happen because the lighthouses generally give 1 respawn per 10 secs), the other problems you experienced probably happened because AI is difficult to code :)

2 months ago

Nice graphics and water. I think adding a ring to indicate the area you need to be in to capture a lighthouse would be helpful. It was fun switching between units and getting thrust into whatever situation they were in, although it didn't feel like a had good control over the battle.

2 months ago

The controls work alright, the instructions are complete (if a bit overwhelming), and the graphics are quite good.

My main gripe with this game is the actual gameplay. It seems this game is trying to do too much at once, and as a result doesn't really do any one thing well. If it's about controlling a ship and shooting opponent ships, the shooting should be made more interesting. If it's more about the strategy of controlling an area, a top-down perspective would be much better, combined with RTS-like controls rather than a bunch of AI teammates.

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