Don't Tumble Down the Tower

Your job as the a member of the SCHA (Secret Cube Hiest Association), is to infiltrate by climbing two buildings and get to the top, to find a chest full of gold. Oh, and watch out for the spikes, lasers, computers, and boomarangs.

Thank you for trying my game! Criticism is always appreciated, I strive to get better!

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This game entered in the Solo competition (27 entries).


Climb up the tower avoiding absurd obsticles to get the chests of gold.





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2 months ago

Rage game, When I ever think about being afraid of computers, it was always about the AI taking over the world, not phisical computers raining down on me trying to kill me. Very fun. Being forced to watch the animation every single time I died just to have a compuer fly at me stright away and watch the animation again was not fun, esspecially when it happend 3 times in a row. The couch was really sneeky btw. Over all really enjoyed the game. Also Loved the chest gold shower animation

2 months ago

Very challenging game! I'm surprised how long it took me to beat it, but It was definitley worth it.


  • Super satisfying to make it to the top and see the celebration display
  • Nice, clean graphics and lighting
  • Provides a real challenge


  • Deaths are sometimes unfair, computers flying out of nowhere at supersonic speeds
  • Music during gameplay is too quiet to hear
  • Had problems with my jump inputs not registering

Good game!

2 months ago

Thank you for your feedback, I get that the computers are unfair sometimes, and the jumping can be a bit wonky. I will keep those things in mind for my future projects, I appreciate the constructive criticsim and for taking the time to comment! Thank you for playing it, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

2 months ago


  • Challenging game and I like it.

  • Nice graphics.


  • Jumping seems to fail sometimes

  • some timaes you have no chance to dodge.

2 months ago

The starting animation is a bit too long for a game with a lot of trial and errors. I could not get to the top because of the many flying computer. I can't avoid them when I reach the part with the red lasers

2 months ago

I'm very bad it this game, so I wasn't able to get too far, but the style of the game was very nice. I was also experiencing the jumping bug which got irritating, especially with how unforgiving the game can be. It takes so long to get back in after an attempt which can turn a lot of people off of a hard game like this. The quick turn arounds are a big reason why games like Super Meat Boy and Celeste succeed. Overall, well done! Great polish for a 2 day game!

(@Cloie) • 2 months ago

Very unforgiving but a great challenge, it ward to figure out what threat did what at first but after a few failed attempts I quickly learnt. My only gripe is that having to watch the cutscene at the start of every subsequent attempt really slowed down any attempt to progress and was quite frustrating.

It's a fun idea and execution wasn't bad, some more time spent on graphics and sound would really help improve it.

2 months ago

The idea behind your game is really cool and the graphics are really nice. Sadly a few problems with the gameplay prevented me from completing it (in combination with the fact that the game is really challenging, which is also a definate pro).

The main problems are that the falling computers come at you way too fast and you often don't have enough time to dodge them. You also get no indication as to when a computer is going to be spawned from what I could tell so going over one of the holes was pretty much random if you'd die or not. (some form of simple animation would be enough to fix this.) The intro cutscene is also far too long (and a tad loud) and it got annoying really quickly. The jump also seems to fail from time to time.

2 months ago

Fun game. VERY challenging. I really wish there was a way to skip the cutscene because this is one of those games where it seems death is expected and you just want to quickly restart and try again.

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