Paste the game link to some friends and drive around my back yard in this casual browser based driving game. Driving controls are WASD/Arrows, but many other keys can be used to communicate with other cars.

Warning: some players have let me know that there are occasionally loud squealing noises, I haven't been able to reproduce but I suggest turning down your volume as a precaution.

If you just get a grey and green screen with no cars, the server has probably gone offline. Tweet me @voxel or send me a message on the alakajam irc/discord to fix it.

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I liked the game but I don't really feel like it really feets the theme.
Overall nice job for the client/server part it works nicelly ;)
I like the fact that there is different terrains and it has an impact on the driving.

A cool little mode you can add would be to put some random points on the map the players have to find first and each time a player got a reward another spawn somewehere else so you need to get the more points you can in a limited time.

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Ah, great stuff! I just drove around on my own so I guess I didn't get the full experience, but it felt great nonetheless. Please note that I don't usually play racing games and am generally terrible at them.

I think the physics are just right: in the beginning I slammed into everything and lost a lot of momentum, but with a bit of practice it got a lot better, and I think more practice would let me get better still -- which is something even a casual game needs, if players are to keep coming back to it.

The camera behaviour is very important to get right in such a game, and I think it's quite good already. I would like to see ahead a bit more at times, but not so much that it became annoying.

For controls, I found myself using the arrow keys to steer, and holding up arrow to accelerate, but braking with my left hand using the S key (suggest avoiding this in a real car). This way I could brake more quickly than if I'd have to move my middle finger from up arrow to down arrow. So… to make this more "casual", maybe you could have auto-accelerate and just a button for braking? Maybe a bit unusual… but maybe an interesting selling point too.

This needs to be an .io game -- the domain name (that I won't mention in case crawlers pick it up and squat it) is still free :)

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Relax and enjoy some casual multiplayer driving with friends (friends not provided)