To See, With Eyes Not Mine

A very prententious game about making a cuppa tea.

Come into the dream!

A pretentious dream about something or other.

Drag the mouse to create glyphs, to make your way into this adventure.

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 • 4 years ago • 

the 'echo' makes it hard to understand the voice over - I would play just the audio matching the line on the bottom, isntead of the full auto, then the user clicking through the words.

having some sort of UI to help with what stokes are avaiable would be helpful as trying to memorize all the movements for a short game doesn't work well.

Atmosphere is intresting and the draw to do stuff was intresting. Would have been nice if the spell didn't do anything if you didn't have to go through all the text again and click the 'cast a spell' to try again.

with the motion of the drawing, I felt to restricted by having to read everything.

 • 4 years ago • 

Yeah i genuinely did not really know how to play it. Tried the tutorial but that didnt teach my anything. I really liked the atmosphere and surreal graphics tho.

 • 4 years ago • 

A bit pretentious indeed :)

I enjoyed the high image compression and abstract graphics, though some moderation might be needed. Without the description the imagery is mostly meaningless in many locations!

The voice acting was … not terribly enjoyable, especially with the strong effects. Casting spells with the runes wasn't hard to figure out, but I think there could be better choices for the time, heat, and movement runes – why are they the same rune turned into various directions? Hard to remember which is which. Also drawing the "left" rune seems to show the "right" rune on screen? Noticed this when trying to pass the gate.

But I made myself some flowery tea in the end. Nice job!

 • 4 years ago • 

Congratulations on making this entry. I really appriciate the fact that it also has sound and nice visuals (for a 3 day jam).

The gameplay is something I couldn't completely understand. I realise that with the glyphs we draw we should guide our character through the level but in the cross roads part, I was stuck and draw all combinations of the two glyps 2 and 6 didn't get my character anywhere.

Perhaps a more interactive tutorial may be needed initially and once the player is comfortable, it should be a smooth play.

 • 4 years ago • 

This was interesting. The atmosphere was very well established through the music and the graphics you chose made it very surreal. But I'll be honest I tried really hard but i got stuck and didnt finish haha

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