The legend of the Paper Wizard

This game is about a wizard who goes in a adventure.

The basic rules:
You have your party,
each party member can use a card by turn,
you lose if you lost all your party members.

Some party members can give cards to you,
and each card have a colour, which is stronger or weaker depending of the wizard who played the card.

PS: The game is infinite.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (37 entries).

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 • 1 year ago • 

would be good if the switch to the card select waited until you got to see the outcomes of the round.

my first thought on the graphics was ok basic hand drawn stuff… then I saw the little holders holding them up. Add a small amount of animation, to make it look like they are actually being moved around from hands below the 'box' and I think you would actually have a viable art style for a game.

Card management wasn't clear. I tried to cut down the number of cards I had so I wasn't getting swamped in attacks, but it didn't seem to matter.

 • 1 year ago • 

Later in the game you get spammed with way too many +3 attack damage cards that completely fill your inv. The first 15 enemies were all the same, so i assume there arent any others. Got a bit stale after a while but it's definately a good base for a game. I like the inventory system, it works really well.

 • 1 year ago • 

Neat concept, I like the RPG + card game combination. I wasn't really clear on what needed to be done in order to get additional party members -- on one run I got two, but the other times it went straight to battles (which do seem quite a bit longer / more difficult with only a single party member).

Overall though I'd say this game is pretty impressive for being made by a single person in a single weekend, and I could see it having a lot of potential if you wanted to take it further -- in which case I'd suggest adding stuff like additional cards with unique graphics, more monster types requiring different strategies to defeat, and the general polishing type stuff (background music / sound effects / animations / etc.) Nicely done and congrats on the submission!

 • 1 year ago • 

I got three party members early on, and got to the worm before dying. I'm not sure he's beatable, with ten healing or 30 damage per round he basically decimated me.

This is a pretty cool concept with quite a bit of depth, and I was surprised how many different types of cards you implemented. The drain 5hp card didn't seem to work, and most of the damage text was only half of what it actually did to enemies, but once I got into the swing of things I had fun. The art style is actually really charming, with everything on popsicle sticks, even the attacks. And a slime with a knife!

I agree with some of what has been mentioned here, the 3 damage attacks did flood your inventory eventually, and should probably just have been a default action if you didn't drag a card over to your character. Their "equipped" spell, so to speak, which would reduce the clunkiness of always dragging three spells over in a large party. This equipment idea could also add some easy variety to the party members, by letting them have different default attacks, as there was never a case where I wanted to kick someone out of the party in this iteration. Maybe some cards are powerful but risky, or drain a resource and then do nothing, and having those people on your team changes the way you play.

As-is, though, you got a lot of content into this game in a short amount of time, and I had fun with it. Very nicely done!

 • 1 year ago • edited • 

A functional framework for a role playing competition or experience. Playing it at the moment is rather pointless due to lacking design and features.

Creating a party is based on luck. It is possible to never meet another character and die alone, a sad demise. Furthermore, extra characters all seem to be the similar yellow vested wizards (who don't look like wizards and act more like warriors!) Did I get unlucky 6 times in a row or is there only a single character class at the moment?

Custom cards appear seemingly at random (as well as from chests at random). Attack cards are spawned en masse. A group of three warriors can beat nearly every enemy in two turns, while a single warrior has to get lucky with the enemy not attacking.

Good variety in abilities, but their use is limited without ability targeting (healing, if one of the characters was better at healing; attacking, if there were multiple enemies to contend with). Additional defensive abilities would be nice (shields, taunt) as well as enemy accuracy reduction.

The graphics are the best part of the project due to the clever paper craft motif. I'm deliberately overlooking the primitive card graphics though, don't tell anyone.

The theme is the worst part of the project. The characters are wizards and their abilities are spells merely because you said so. In actuality they are very generic and not magical at all.

It works, it is fine; currently lacking focus, any kind of a gimmick, consistent challenge, and content.

Overall: Below Average (4.0)
Graphics: Good (7.0)
Audio: N/A
Gameplay: Below Average (4.0)
Originality: Below Average (4.0)
Theme: Bad (3.0)

 • 1 year ago • 

Really great graphical theme and set up! Good start for an rpg system. As others have said the card dragging was a little clunky and could be improved for usability, plus the fights got repetitive. Didn't get very far and only had the starting party member so I didn't get to experience that aspect of it.

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A card game about paper wizards