avoider prototype

this is a consept i have been thinking of implementing for some time, it has nothing to do with the theme (i wanted to test if i can do this in a game jam time limit).

the idea is simple create a game that is simple to play and expand(in devlopment), mechanics can be built upon and the level design is modular in a way that alot of levels can be created with the same mechanics easily .

i wanted somthing simple that can become complex over times "starts simple". in devlopment terms always keep it simple to add new consepts and level.

how to play:

move with the arrow keys or "wasd", collect yellow orbs, avoide enemies touch.

the game has 5 stages first 2 are easy.

tools used:

programming: java, slick2d and my framework based on slick2d

paint.net for graphics
my sprite maker for sprites (unpoblished yet)

thing i didnt have time for:
*music and sound efects
*levels loaded from text files

problem and things i learnd:
first thing i realy need to improve my collision detection, this one gave me the most problem, which i will fix in post mortom, the rest was easy, also i will implement a new tilemap librery to my framework.
the most important thing those game jams taught me is time mangement and scope. i learnd the hard way you cant make a complex game in two days.

and of course tell me what you think

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This game entered in the Solo competition (46 entries).


an avoider game, no falling.


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7 months ago

Just if possible keep with the theme.
But as u tried its very great.
If possible can u use a good character than this smiley

7 months ago

Nice little game. Too bad it doesn't fit the theme, but good job :)
You mentioned most of the shortcomings yourself, so I don't comment on those. I liked the blue enemy mechanic. It was fun to try and get them away from the balls.

7 months ago

Congratulations on finishing your first jam-game :-)

The help-screen only mentions the red orbs, not the blue ones. It's not hard to find out what they do (follow you instead of bouncing, unstoppable by walls, stop if out of range), but I thought I should metion it.

Other than that, it seems that you are already aware of the issues that most people are likely to notice. Instead, I'll point out that if you're short on time, sound-effects can be created very quickly via sites such as https://www.bfxr.net/

7 months ago

M2tias - ye it became a sheep hearding game (kinda). the idea was to create somthing with simple mechanic that can easely be expanded upon.

remco - probably my 5+ game jam. the idea again was a game theat adds elements slowly, you will need to avoid all enemies no matter how much i add. you can learn what they do without me telling you, thats part of the concept build alot of mechanics on top of eac other . step by step one by one stage by stage, and so simple you dont need to explain them. if i throw you to a game with 5 featurs without explenation it will be hard, but if i pressent them one by one so you will get used to them it wont be hard . it will have a learning curve but not so much, this was my goal, to learn how to do this with game design. programming i already masterd.

im awere of problems as i test my games all the time. and try to breack the perpously.

i am awre of bfxr thank you( didnt have time).

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