Always Living


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  • How to play
    Click to do everything
    The faster you click the more you do
    There is no goal (try to unlock all endings)
    If you dont know what to do just click
  • Also i will add this information to the game later (just i didnt have time)
  • Tips
    To unlock all possible jobs click faster when you study
    If you work hard enough you can earn more money
    But the end is still the same
    To open different jobs study harder

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This game entered in the Solo competition (29 entries).


Click to do everything





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Comments (8)

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • 1 year ago

Really short, but really meaningful. That's life for ya.

1 year ago

seems more like Always Dying ?
Sorry for spoiler : )

1 year ago

wow second game i've played this jam with a slightly depressing it always badly in the end kind of vibe. Whats wrong with you all? :) Just as well you gave a clue about how to unlock other options, I was thinking maybe I had to click in differnent places. Nice isometric style, gameplay is obviously a bit limited, shame there is no audio it seems for this kind of thing some kind of melancholic atmospheric music would really add a lot.

1 year ago

Cool little entry. I like the way it looks the style is nice.
Would be cool to see what you'd do with it if you had more time to make more paths.
Nice game :)

1 year ago

That was enough nihilism for me for the day. Great art style and look for the experience. I know its not the point, but I was a litle disappointed that the only gameplay was clicking.

1 year ago

There is no goal (try to unlock all endings)

Isn't trying to unlock all the endings a goal then?

I like minimalistic, non-linear storytelling. It is an efficient way to have a lot of variety and choices as the amount of audio-visual assets stays low.

What I do not like is needless clicking! It serves no purpose. I don't feel like I'm stydying or working by clicking the mouse, it simply makes my finger hurt!

There isn't much variety here. Lazy people become cleaners and die; less lazy people become traders or researchers, make a lot of money, and die. Hmm… How about artists, politicians, relationships, hard life choices?

You could create very compelling stories in a style like this. Jumping forward in time with such drastic leaps leaves a lot to the imagination. You just need to feed that imagination. Easier said than done, of course.

Overall: Average (5)
Graphics: Good (7)
Gameplay: Clickety, clickety, click… (1)
Originality: Above average (6)
Theme: Good (7)

1 year ago

Thanks for your review. That boring gameplay shows the boring side of life (and maybe my laziness). I had more ideas but i want able to make everything during this jam.

1 year ago

The working title of my game during the jam was "Always Dying". We're opposite buddies!

I really like the art style, with the isometric diorama and silhouetted characters, it's very effective for a game with a pessimistic, nihilistic tone like this one. I do think some more environmental details would have been nice - the environments transition quite dramatically, but there is not a lot to them.

Some music and sound effects would really add to the mood as well.

Gameplay is obviously very simple, but I am hardly one to criticise on that front ;)

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