The Priest`s chapel

The Priest`s Chapel has awakened. You must keep the always growing darkness from the sanctuary at its minimum possible. Good luck . To exit// Alf + f4.

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Priest´s Chapel 1 Priest´s Chapel 1.1 (postjam)



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a year ago

Link says 404

a year ago

Link is broken

a year ago

It should be working again

a year ago

The link was set to private, sorry

a year ago

This game is hard. The darkness had barely had any time to grow that I was dead to enemies already ! The move speed of the character felt very high and the maniability isn't the best, so I kept running into enemis.
Nice lights. The art style is intriguing and conveys the mystical feel well. It's a shame there's some error message left in a corner of the screen.

a year ago

I love the art style and the atmosphere! This game is indeed difficult, but that's part of the charm. The enemies could've had somekind of noise that gets louder the closer they are, so the player knows better when they're gonna get hit. The enemies move speed could've also been a bit slower.

However not bad at all, I quite liked this! With little more polishing this could be very fun, and maybe making the level a bit bigger with different kind of platforms and stuff would make it more intriguing.

Good stuff!

a year ago

I think the enemies are too fast personally, and found that they kept spawning right next to me. I feel like the game should have been made a lot easier. Liked the art and the strange filter when you ran into the darkness, and the sound was certainly quite creepy, so that redeems it a bit.

a year ago

Some gameover or title screen break would be great, the automatic respawn is a bit brutal. The game is beautiful, but it lacks some fx especially on enemies death. You should also keep ennemies at playuer position it's quite frustrating and feels unfair. I love the core idea of the two priest type it seems like a good starting point, I think you should reduce sphere when a red priest is killed to keep the player faith in the fact he can actually stay longer. Also it seems black priest don't spawn anymore if you don't kill them which means running forever focusing only on red priests seems to be the best strategy.

a year ago

Beautiful art and difficult game, has great potential.

a year ago

Looks great, really cool art style but the spawners really need to be tweaked, the character controller wasn't tight enough to be able to out maneuver the amount of enemys that spawned.

a year ago

The game looks great though i have an error at the top left of my screen saying that the lighting need to be rebuild. it's a very hard game though. i ended up running in circles to avoid the blue guys that follow you and barley being able to kill the red guys. at one point when i fell of the map it just froze and didn't reset me. and i could only see the black void growing. also a few enemies spawen off the platform and fell down instantly.

I do really like the idea though and how dark it gets when you enter the void. at first i thought it would kill you untill i got stuck on a cornen with the shere right in front of me. i hard to just spam shoot in front of me to stay alive. it was fun to play though!

a year ago

The beautirful graphics and audio and the strange growing orb in the center made a really cool vibe for the whole game which was great. I didn't feel that the first person shooter gameplay worked well with the rest though. And while the was always growing, it didn't really modify or enhance the gameplay that much, and getting caught in a corner when it got too big didn't really feel good, especially since you couldn't see incoming enemies.

a year ago

Simple, fast-paced, first-person, arena shooter. Unoriginal, but I can live with that.

Let's start with the visuals, quite good! Unreal's effects make a difference. It does look a bit cheap with everything hanging in midair. Eh, not a big deal. The audio, while competent, does not do much for me. The lack of sound effects, apart from the weak weapon noise, kind of ruins the vibe.

The spawner is way too fast! Kiting the blue priests is easy, but even then there are too many red priests to contend with. I don't quite see how defeating the priests helps with keeping the always growing darkness from the sanctuary. I don't even know what the sactuary is!

The always growing menace is fine, if only it could be controlled, or outrun, or something! A gimmick is needed.

The effort is there, the outcome is quite average.

Overall: Average (5)
Graphics: Good (7)
Audio: Average (5)
Gameplay: Bad (3)
Originality: Below average (4)
Theme: Average (5)

a year ago

Thanks for all the constructive critics(all of them are very usefull for us!!!! :)

We will try to repair somehow this "game".Our main problem was ( and still is ) the lack of programers in the team (but it wont stop us!!!!) The first step its to upload the 1.1 version XD

Again thanks for the critics and for playing the game!!! (and sorry for the english mistakes).

a year ago

I don't really get it - most of the time I am dead before I get a chance to move, or somebody gets me from behind the first moment I pause to think about what I am doing - but it looks and sounds gorgeous.

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