Guns Among Dead

This game was made in less than 2 days for Alakajam 3, on the theme "Always Growing".And if theme is always growing , what else to expect than ever increasing zombie horde, unlimited ammos with no reloading and ricocheting bullets. Dont let any bullet go waste, Kill unlimited zombies with one bullet, warp from one edge to another edge.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (29 entries).


Ever increasing zombie horde, unlimited ammos, no reloading and ricocheting bullets.




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1 year ago

"Press Space to Suffer Again"

At least you understand what you have made.

1 year ago

Nice game

1 year ago

Fun little game. The bouncing bullet are quite fun use.

1 year ago

That's really cool! The barriers could have stood out more from the background, I didn't even see them initially, and the horde starts off a little slow (though it wasn't long before that complaint went out the window!), but the gameplay is solid and fun.

1 year ago

The bullets are so sloooowww. Gameplay is fun and I like the bouncing bullets, but the physics need tuning, and the bounciness needs to be limited otherwise it's too easy to abuse. I like how the game doesn't take itself seriously. Music is good but a little too loud.

1 year ago

481 on the first try. I tried at first to shoot just one bullet at a time, but when I realised that my own bullets don't harm me, I just sprayed away. Good job keeping the framerate high even when things get crowded!

The start is very slow, which is great on the first playthrough, but a bit annoying on subsequent attempts. But then it gets hectic too quickly, until a point where it feels like more zombies spawn per second than my gun can fire bullets, so you're doomed no matter what.

I like the comments in the bottom left. They would have been even better with Duke Nukem style voice acting.

The music does add a lot to the frantic atmosphere.

1 year ago

Good, clean, zombie-killing fun.

1 year ago

Nice little game, altough a bit boring. As you have unlimitted ammo you can just shoot around you all the time and there is not really a challenge. The bouncing bullets was a nice touch.

1 year ago

Fun little zombie shooter. The bouncing bullet mechanic was pretty cool. Would actually have been pretty fun to have a long delay between single bullets, but to have the bullets persist for a little while longer, so you could actually shoot several zombies at once (maybe just limit the number of times a bullet can hit a wall or something before disappearing). Then you'd have to think about where and when to fire.

1 year ago

Simple, standard take on the theme. Kind of funny them ricocheting bullets, originality points there. Zombies walking through walls is less funny… Those kind of cancel out in the interactivity department.

A bigger level, actually useful cover which zombies have to break through, and a clear wave based system which ramps up faster would all be improvements in my book.

Ok work.

Overall: Average (5)
Gameplay: Average (5)
Originality: Above average (6)
Theme: Average (5)

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